Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Life

Hello....I am going to try this again....the miracle of blogging. My life is too crazy and chaotic to not share with my friends and family. I have two insane Labradors, Huffley and Brodie. Huffley is a gorgeous yellow girl and is 5 and Brodie is a handsome chocolate boy will be 5 in August. I have a amazing black kitty, named Artemis who is VERY vocal, and at times I think just loves to hear his own voice (I have had him since the day he was born) and he is 6. 

My two daughters are 19 and 23. Rachel and April. By no means have they had an easy life, but we make the best of what we have and what are given and run with it. April is expecting our first grandchild (a little boy who is going to be named Hendricks) and he is due in October. She lives with her boyfriend, Brandon who is an awesome guy and I am so happy they are together. She has a full time job and she is going to be the most amazing mother ever. 

Rachel just graduated from high school, has an amazing boyfriend named Christopher and she is special needs. Rachel and April's father was killed by a drunk driver on Father's Day of 1996 and that was the day all of our lives changed forever. They have gone through their life without a big part of their life~their daddy. Rachel sustained her Traumatic Brain Injury in the same crash, and has had ups and downs (more ups than anything) and her biggest accomplishment is now graduating from high school. We are very proud of her in many many ways. Looking for her a job is going to be trying, and hearing a lot of no's makes her sad. I tell her when the right one comes along, we will know. 

I am remarried, soon to be 5 years on July 28. Dan is an amazing man, who has come into our lives and without question has taken everything we have thrown at him (not on purpose mind you we have thrown anything!!). A man who can come into a life with a special needs child, and a teenager in itself is amazing! There were bumps at first, I won't lie. Issues with the oldest~not wanting a father and no matter how much we explained he is not here to be your father, only here for you....didn't work. But we survived and they love each other tremendously. Just this past Saturday, to see them hug each other, TWICE!!, was enough to make me cry (and she is the one with the hormones!!). My family is is me that is chaotic. 

I can do nothing without freaking out, make something big out of something small, making it harder than it seems and always expecting worse than what is coming. Dan and I went on vacation last week....rode our Harley Monster to Laughlin, NV....great trip....4 whole days....relaxing...wait....I was suppose to relax? I missed that memo! My youngest was at home....being some what independent....and I knew she could....she loves showing she can....and she had amazing people, Christopher's grandparents, taking care of her during dinner of all four evenings, spending a day with his grandma, Diana and she was in great hands. April was at home, having crazy things to her body, baby moving, laying on her sciatic nerve, and she was scared. I was 6 hours away. Knew she was okay....but I was still worried.  Then personal issues....nothing to do with any of the family, just me. Chaotic messes I create for normal. Things PRE Dan that I cannot get taken care of on my own, but I am determined to. 

So welcome to my life, and I promise it is not as boring as what all of this just seemed. We have amazing things that happen just about everyday. Get in, hang on and enjoy the ride!

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