Saturday, June 28, 2014

April Whitney

I remember the night I went into labor with my beautiful April. May 28, 1991. At 10:30 pm, and I didn't want to say anything, as I heard so many rumors of how you have 'twinges' and they go away, false labor....the whole nine yards. I remember going to the potty, every 10 minutes, but only a major water breaking (like what you hear....when you are walking, Niagara Falls!) ....I was already 2 weeks late, and was a little nervous. I laid down on our waterbed....and if you think it's uncomfortable laying down, try laying on the waterbed!!! And I had the most loving affectionate dog ever, a beautiful husky/golden retriever mix named Bear. I adopted her when she was only 8 weeks old from the Humane Society. She was an amazing dog.....and insisted on jumping up on the waterbed each time I had a I didn't scream, or even moan....she just 'knew'....our fur~babies always do.

So finally, about 11:15 I hollered in at Herman and said, "Honey, I think it's time." And his answer? "Can you wait till Twilight Zone goes off?" I kid you thought? Sure why not? I have already waited 2 weeks and 3 days (rolling the eyes) ...LOL. I get up (or roll out) off the bed, and walked toward the living room, get my bag, walk out the door and off our adventure begin. We made it to the hospital, in one piece (that was an amazing feat in itself considering he ran EVERY red light!!).....they took me up to the labor room.....did all the necessary testing.....and as they tested April heart rate, her heartbeat stopped. It was the scariest thing (at that point) I had ever had to endure. I had to sign papers "in case of emergency c-section" they tell me, and as soon as the pen was finished.....the whirled me away. I wasn't lucky enough to know what we having, as she kept her little legs folded and tucked each time we tried...but I knew....I knew she was my little April.

I woke my own room.....alone and scared and only wanting to see April. My husband was at the nursery (or so I thought) and the nurses would come in and out, check on me, and I would constantly ask how April was. "Who is April?" was a question I was asked several times, and I would say my baby. Many said with a giggle, "How did you know she was a girl?" I said "A mamma knows" and smiled. Turned out, to keep me from worrying, I learned that April had a rough beginning. She had double knotted her chord, and had quit breathing, and on top of that had had a bowel movement, from all the stress and swallowed some. She was in the ped ICU, on a respiratory machine, fighting for her own life. She cried, they said, non stop when she woke up, and I begged to let me see her. I had had the emergency C-section and was so so sore, and after being told several times I would get to see her, my bestie at the time, Melanie came to visit. I asked her to help me scheme (lol) a way to go see her. So she and I walked out (man I was hurting!!), with my iv machine, and the nurses station didn't even see me. About half way down the hall, my nurse passed me, smiled and nodded, walked on and then turned around realizing who I was. She immediately got me a wheelchair, and I was wheeled on down to see my crying girl. As soon as I walked in, I got up, walked to her crib and said "Hi baby girl. Hello my beautiful April. Mama is here,...,." And she stopped....I then got to hold her, and she was the most quietest, beautiful baby in that nursery. I promise, it happened exactly how I told you. Her daddy walked in soon after....I found out he was out "spreading the news".

April was named after two very important people in our lives. April ~after his brothers wife, who tragically killed in an accident, leaving behind three beautiful children, Holly, Stacey and Cory. Whitney~after our dear dear friend Debbye, who's youngest daughter shares the name and was one of Herman's favorite kids ever.  I think about my April Whitney expecting a beautiful baby of her own....a precious little boy, who she told me from the time she found out she was pregnant....he was a boy (See, a mamma knows =) )  Hendricks.....he is due in October. My daddy's (who has been in heaven since I was 16) birthday is October 9~he is a twin, Big Dayton.....sharing the same birthday. It would be amazing if he was here on that date.....but as we all know....they all come when they want to =)  I know she will be an amazing mamma, and will make mistakes, enjoy the good and laugh at the bad.....and enjoy every single thing that comes with motherhood. I love you April were my first REAL love, as Hendricks will be yours.

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